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Abigail - Waiting woman, servant

Abundance - Plenty.

Abydocomist - One who boast of his conning ability

Acatharey - Literally, “puss filled bandage". Thou art an acatharey upon the scene.

Acolaust adjective licentious

Adam’s Ale - water

Airling - young thoughtless person.

Ajax - Outhouse (also used to denote a smelly person)

Alcatote simpleton

Ale-Knight - A sot, drunkard.

Antic - A grotesque, clownish person.

Applesquire Pimp

Aroint Be gone! verb

Astrologaster - Phony Astrologer

Asunder - apart

Aught - Anything.

Avatrol - A bastard.

Awk literally, “left-handed”, clumsy

Axwaddle - A lazy person.