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Backfriend - False friend.

Bacon-brains a Fat head.

Bardlet, Bardling - A bad or false poet.

Bawd - Rogue, rascal, knave (male or female).

Bedswerver - someone who is unfaithful to the marriage bed

Belswager - A swaggering bulley, hence, a pimp

Blowen - A wench.

Blushet - A shy maiden.

Baudstrot - One with a sexy walk

Bird's Nest - A woman’s private parts.

Blowze - A begger's wench.

Boanthropy the attitude of an ox, “ thou hast become afflicted with boanthropy” (noun – Beotian)

Boggard, Bogshop, Boggish All terms for the john, jake, or Ajax

Bonaroba - "Good robe" A showy wench, wanton.

Bousy Bloated by drinking

Bouze - slang term for ale.

Brache - A female dog; Son of a barche a bastard.

Bradypus - An animal resembling a two-toed sloth...an insult.