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Cacafuego - Braggert.

Caitif - Despicable wretch.

Callet – Lewd woman.

Callipygean – having big buttocks, “she is indeed a callipygean woman.”

Candlewaster - One who wasted candles by reading and studying late at night and is still a fool.

Capelclawer – A scurvey fellow.

Capocchia - A simpleton, blockhead.

Carlot - A male peasant of the lowest order.

Carouse – to party

Carpet-knight - A woman chaser.

Carriwitchet - A bad pun.

Caterestre - (fem,) Overly talkative person.

Catso - A rogue, Fraudulant begger.

Caumperton – Silly fellow, clown.

Cavenard - A villian.

Changeling - 1. Fickle person. 2. Half-wit 3. The idea being that the fairies stole promising children and

left stupid ones in their place.

Chastise – to punish

Chevese - mistress.

Chevese- borne - A bastard.

Chide – to scold

Circumcellion - Tavern haunter; bar hopper.

Clapperdrudgeon - Begger, rapscallion.

Cleave – verb to Cling to, separate from

Clodpate - Blockhead.

Cloudmonger - One who told fortunes by the cloud formation.

Clumps - Numbskull.

Callybist - Miser.

Codpiece - Convenient openings in men's clothing.

Cokes - Fool.

Coleprophet - A pretender to knowledge, of the future, false diviner.

Colubrine – Snakelike, crafty

Compass – to enclose a person

Concupy - A mistress.

Congeon - A dwarf, hence, a half-wit.

Conskite – To befoul the air by loosing ones bowels in fear

Cony - A rabbit, also an intimate term for a woman's private parts. 

Cony-catcher - (not what you think) A con artist.

Cornute - A cuckold.

Cotquean - Housewife.

Countenance - The face.

Coup-gorge - A cut throat.

Court Holy Water - Fair words without sincere intention, flattery.

Cousin - Close friend, any relative, no matter- how distant.

Cozen – to cheat in a petty way, derived from cousin, to cheat from claiming kinship

Crack-halter - A rogue, a gallows-bird. One who will someday crack "The halter by which he is being

hung. Also "crack-rope".

Craddon - Coward, also "Crowdown", "Crathon", "Craton".

Croshabell - A prostitute.

Cumberworld - A useless person or thing.

Cupshotten – Drunken, “in his cups”

Curious – Complicated, intricate

Cyprian – Licentious, lewd, also a prostitute