Pirate Productions
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Facinorous Extremely wicked

Fap Drunken

Fark to have sexual intercourse

Flag-fallen Unemployed, usually an actor

Farandman - A traveler.

Faytour - An imposter.

Figure-flinger - A figure caster; fortune teller; astrologer.

File - A worthless, lazy person.

Fizgig - A gadabout woman.

Flibbertigibbet - A gossipy or frivolous woman, a devil.

Folt - A fool.

Fon - A fool.

Forcible feeble - A weak person who makes a great show of strength.

Forsooth - In truth! an exclamation.

Foumart Polecat, skunk.

Foxship having the qualities of a fox

Franion A person of free or loose behavior.

Fulsome - Horny

Funumbulant - A rope walker.