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Gadling – A vagabond.

Gaffer – An old man, grandfather.

Gammer – An old woman grandmother

Gangral – A vagabond,

Geek - A simpleton, a dupe, an expression of derision or contempt.

Ges – Epithet, “Jesus!”

Gib – “To play the Gib”, Usually in reference to women, to be backbiting, meddlesome,

In other words bitchy

Giglot – Wanton woman, unusually destitute man

Gilenyer – A cheat, Swindler

Gixy – A wench, Lively Lass

Gned – Miserly, penny pinching

Goodman, Goodwife – Courteous terms of address for lower classes

Goose – foolish person

Gossip – Close Friend (usually female)

Groundling – An uncultured person of common stock. Refers to the cheapest seats in the theatre, the


Growtnoll – A numbskull

Great Noodle – Same as above.

Gruntle – The snout of a pig, hence, disrespectfully, a person’s face.

Gulch – a glutton

Galtersack – a sack (person) fit for hanging.