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Mab – verb to dress like a slattern

Mac, Makeral – panderer or bawd

Martin – A fool, a dope

Maship – A shortend form of “mastership”, a common title

Meacock – A weakling, coward or effeminate man

Mechal - Adulterous

Medicaster – An incompetant physician, a quack

Meschant – A wretch, a villain, wicked or wretched.

Minchen – A nun

Minimus – A tiny or insignificant creature

Monger – A street peddler

Monthling – One affected by the phases of the moon, a madman

Moonling - A simpleton also see monthling above

Motion – A puppet show or a puppet; therefore contemptuously a person

Mousehunt – A woman chaser, a wolf

Multitude – many

Mumblecrust – A toothless person, a beggar used as a nickname

Mumble-news – A gossip in the modern sense

Mumpsimus – An old fogey, An obstinate adherent to old and erroneous ways.

Mutton – A loose woman

Mystery – Trade craft