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Pad - a bundle of straw, a bed

Palliard - a vagabond, a dissolute rascal, a leacher, a debauchee

Pantier - A baker or one who owns or has charge of a pantry

Pardee – a mild oath, “By God!”

Parnel – A priests mistress, by extension a wanton young woman

Partlet – A hen, hence a woman

Patch – A fool, a clown

Peagoos – Simpleton, Ninny

Pekehoddie – Same as above

Piepower – An Itinerant, especially a travelling peddler

Pigeon-joint – A store or resort specializing in the sale or supply of burglar tools

Pike – A polearm used to dismount knights in combat. Also used to refer to a mans private parts

Pizzle – the penis of an animal, derogatorily, “Thou bulls pizzle”

Placket – A convenient opening in a womans clothing

Popinjay – A person who dresses gawdy

Poplet – A light woman, a whore

Pottingar – an Apothecary

Poulter – dealer in chickens and eggs

Pox – V.D. also used in an oath “a pox upon thee”

Pratt – The Buttocks, Back-pocket

Pratting – to push away gently by backing into a person, to manuever into position from the pratt

Prattler – Fraud, Trickster

Prentice – A short form of “apprentice”

Prickmedaintie – One that is finicky about dress, a dandy (either sex)

Prig – A mender of pots, a tinker

Princox – a saucy, pert boy

Punk – A prostitute, a harlot