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Scroyle – A scoundral, a wretch

Semibousy – Half drunk

Serpent – A decietful, Treacherous person

Shandy – Empty-headed

Shortheel – A prostitute

Shrew – An evil, ill tempered woman

Simpkin – a simpleton

Sirrah –A title used for a young boy, servant, or someone beneath your station, used as an insult in contempt or annoyance

Skellum – A rascal, scoundrel, villain

Slattern – A slovenly or sluttish woman

Small Beer – Inferior beer, hence, persons or matters of no importance

Smellfeast – A parasite, one who comes to a feast or party uninvited

Smite – To hit

Snudge – Spoilsport, cheapskate

Sooth – A mild oath “for Sooth”

Soother – A flatterer, a yes man

Spado – A eunuch

Spermologer – A gatherer of seeds, hence, a gossip-monger

Spintry – A male, homosexual prostitute, also a place for his business

Spittle – A house for the indigent or diseased, a short form for “hospital”

Spousebreach – Adultery

Spousebreacher – Adulterer

Stall – To lure or decoy

Stair-work – Casual activity on the stairway (sexual in nature)

Starve-lackey – A miserly pretentious gallant

Stone-ram – A ram not castrated, thus, stone priest, stone-puritan,lascivous

Swound – an old form of Swoon or Zounds an oath