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Tapester – A maker of tapestry

Tassel – A noble gentleman

Thirdborough – A town constable

Tod – A fox, hence a crafty person

Tregatry – Juggling, deception, trickery to do juggling tricks

Trencher-poetry – Poetry traded for bread, hence any poetry traded

Trittle-Trattle – Idle talk gossip

Trodden Under – Stepped on

Troth – Truth, an oath as in “by my troth!”

Trounce – verb to beat

Trow – belief, an oath as in “I trow!”

Trudge – verb to start off

Truss – verb pack up be off, go away

Tun – Barrel or vat

Tunning, Tunned – To put into a tun, to add to liquor, such as flavoring

Turtle – short for turtledove a term of endearment

Twigger – A prolific breeder, hence, a lasivious person